The company has 10 water projects in partnership with local communities, and completed seven in 2014. SFA undertook an analysis of current and future global trends and influences acting on PGMs along with long-term price forecasts. Key PGM producers and their strategies were identified, as well as PGM projects that are likely to commence producing in the coming years or are currently producing and which are expected to have a significant impact on global PGM supply. PGMs produced as by-products of base metal production were examined, and an assessment was made of the contribution of chrome, iridium and ruthenium to mine revenue and the potential impact on supply.

Three months after the catastrophe, extensive humanitarian and environmental recovery efforts are continuing, says Ruban Yogarajah, a spokesman for BHP Billiton. “We are really working to establish long-term plans for rebuilding communities and restoring the environment,” he adds. An external firm has been hired to investigate the reasons for the dam failures, and the company is not commenting on possible causes until the report is completed, which could take several months. “Generically, we’re reviewing dam facilities and the investigation may identify other things that need to be done,” Yogarajah says. When evaluating the same production at loss parameter at asset level, it immediately becomes clear, although the country level visualization is very clarifying for a general view, it does not capture the power of asset level analysis. The graph clearly demonstrates that water-related production risk varies greatly from location to location, and that most production at risk is drought related.

Battery Metals Quarterly Report and Price Outlook

The https://www.tokenexus.com/ manager considers ESG criteria in combination with other information during the idea generation, company research, portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring phases of the investment process. ESG information may be sourced from third-party vendors, as well as internal engagement commentary and site visits and input from BlackRock Investment Stewardship. The Fund manager conducts regular portfolio reviews with the Risk and Quantitative Analysis group and with the Chief Investment Officers. These reviews include discussion of the portfolio’s exposure to material ESG risks, as well as exposure to sustainability-related business involvements, climate-related metrics, and other factors. ESG integration is the practice of incorporating material environmental, social and governance information or insights alongside traditional measures into the investment decision process to improve long term financial outcomes of portfolios.


mining benchmark has conducted comprehensive, long-term reviews of the platinum group metals and battery raw materials industries, and assessed market conditions and commercial outlooks for mining and exploration companies. For us, this means ensuring a just transition to a sustainable and inclusive African economy, one that is underpinned by the sustainable production of critical ETMs. You’re probably thinking that a just transition is only necessary for the coal sector and making sure that “no one is left behind” in the transition away from coal-based to renewable-based electricity systems. But just as sustainability is more than climate change, a just transition is more than just about coal. We need to ensure that the expansion of mining in Africa to provide the world with ETMs results in shared value for all. At the same time, we need to make sure that decarbonising the production of these ETMs also generates net-positive environmental and social outcomes for all mining stakeholders.

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Such provisions however, are limited or non-existent in Botswana and Zambia, and any protection offered to communities are usually reliant on the Cooperate Social responsibility CSR) activities of the mines. In view of this, regulatory reform is recommended to mitigate the impacts of mining on communities in Botswana and Zambia. Already, key global critical mineral deposits, including the DRC’s rich cobalt reserves and Indonesia’s nickel, are in large part controlled by Chinese firms, some of whom have come under fire over their environmental standards. Admittedly, this Chinese dominance has more to do with Chinese companies’ surging international ambitions in recent years than with the deterring effect of NGO scrutiny on Western investment. But it would be a tragic own-goal if NGO campaigns helped to entrench this situation of weak local standards, just as it would be if such activism helped block mineral supplies key to the energy transition on a global level. China dominates global processing and refining capacity of many critical minerals and electric battery production, and also controls a growing share of the source mines for critical minerals.

  • SFA has conducted comprehensive, long-term reviews of the platinum group metals and battery raw materials industries, and assessed market conditions and commercial outlooks for mining and exploration companies.
  • SFA is closely following the green hydrogen water electrolyser and mobility players and projects underway across the industry, and national strategy developments.
  • The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are ready to help you adopt new approaches to hiring talent for a new wave of customer demands.
  • Benchmark is a price data collection and assessment company specialising in the lithium ion battery supply chain.
  • The Juruti Mine is one of three Alcoa locations globally that have developed a biodiversity action plan.
  • The information displayed on this website may not include all of the screens that apply to the relevant index or the relevant fund.

Much environmental activism around mining is framed in terms of opposing mining operations and new projects, rather than accelerating the right sort of mining. The latter looks likely to be essential to achieving global climate targets, but opposition is often across the board. In advising mining companies on their sustainability and geopolitical strategies, I have long sought to straddle the industry–activist divide. Informed by this, here I provide a basic set of pointers for activists as they engage with the topic and potentially the ‘Big Miners’ themselves. But a big-picture, more collaborative mindset is also needed from all parties to help support the acceleration of mining the world now needs, alongside a focus on upholding environmental and social standards.

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Importantly, the process is often slowed or even halted by a combination of ‘not in my backyard’ activism, opposition by indigenous and environmental groups, and drawn-out planning processes. In recent years, countless proposed new mines for critical minerals – for example, in the US, Peru, Portugal, and Serbia – have been blocked or delayed as a result of such resistance. The clean energy transition and global development imperative will be mineral-intensive, with the World Bank estimating that demand for key critical minerals could skyrocket by nearly 500% by 2050 under a 2 degree scenario. SFA is a trusted advisor to boardrooms and senior management to major stakeholders and provides regular assistance to battery metals strategy and planning. Alongside other metrics and information, these enable investors to evaluate funds on certain environmental, social and governance characteristics.

Fitch Ratings Revises Global Metals and Mining Price Assumptions – Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings Revises Global Metals and Mining Price Assumptions.

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