Sunsets are beautiful, they are full of mystic and wisdom, they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, bringing the viewer peace, happiness and serenity. With the beauty of the setting sun and the inspiration it shines on us, the Magical Duo SetSun came to life.


Longtime friends and musicians, Jimmy and Pedro were always passionate music lovers both with an eclectic taste to it. Despite their mutual interests it was not until 2016 that they were able to combine that passion, that energy that flow into what we hear and know today.

They started by playing guitar and djembe in the colorful streets of Palma de Mallorca. Has their reputation grew, invitations were flowing and soon they were playing in bars, sharing the stage with local singers.


Their drive and motto are always to innovate because creating music is an adventure. With this in mind, they discover the handpan in 2018 and this change their journey to a new era. The combination of the Guitar and the Handpan is mystical and give a kind of perfection to the internal journeys we all have. It’s the synergy, the mystic, the emotions and the peace that mostly are created during sunsets, when the time stand still and the music washes over you.

The cultural diversity of SetSun is in the instruments, music and amazing island of Mallorca. Their set up is intimate, peaceful, magical with a mix of covers and original songs.


Jimmy was born in Portugal in the 80's, his musical journey started early when he studied classical guitar as a young child.

Fast forward a few years, by the age of 20 he was living in inspiring European capitals such as Budapest, Warsaw, Dublin, where he collaborated with local artists, absorbing their influence into his music.

For music references he surfed in between R&B, Blues, Bossa Nova Rock& Reggae. Was his passion by the gentle and mystic sound of the Spanish guitar that made him develop a very personal style.


Pedro was also born in Portugal in the 80's. It was when he travelled to South Africa, precisely Johannesburg and Cape town where he developed his love for the percussion, the african beats and rhythms with the djembe & dundunbas.

In Mallorca, he discovered the handpan and a new love was born, his desire to create and adapt the handpan to Jimmy guitar is limitless.